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Books and Scrolls

Books and Scrolls are the Librarian-related items that can be brought from him. They can give give you temporary buffs, but when you activate one of them, they all go for DeBuffBlockingCipher.png cooldown, which depends on the used item.

Item Buff/Debuff Effect Duration/Cooldown
MonolithTome.png Monolith Tome BuffTheMonolith.png / DeBuffBlockingCipher.png Temporarily increases defense by 12, reduces all damage by 50% 40 sec. / 1 min. 40 sec.
CommunicationWithYourServants.png 'Communication with your servants' BuffRespect.png / DeBuffBlockingCipher.png Temporarily increases minion damage and knockback by 16% 1 min. / 2 min.
DeadSeaScroll.png Dead Sea Scroll Random / DeBuffBlockingCipher.png Gives a random buff 1 min. / 1 min. 30 sec.


Potion Buff Effect Duration Craft
PurifyingPotion.png Purifying Potion BuffPurity.png Gives temporary immunity to most debuffs 1 min. 1 Bottled Water.png + 2 Ether.png at Bottle.png
AnxietyPotion.png Anxiety Potion BuffAnxiety.png Temporarily increases damage by 10% when player moves

Decreases when standing still

2 min. 1 Bottled Water.png + 1 BurningCoal.png + 1 Fireblossom.png at Bottle.png


Buff Pet Item Source
BuffJackFrost.png JackFrostPet.gif Jack Frost Life Stone.png Life Stone By melting ice cube at Stranded Ship with Fire Salts.png
BuffLilWitness.png LilWitnessPet.gif Lil Witness EnchantedHorn.png Enchanted Horn Witness.png

Boss Summons

Item Conditions Boss Hardmode Craft
ShadowLocket.png Shadow Locket Can be used only at night Spirit.png Cross.png 3 Amethyst.png + 1 Chain.png at DemonAltar.png/CrimsonAltar.png
SnowBeacon.png Snow Beacon Can be used in the Snow Biome Smallshot.png Cross.png 5 MoonDust.png at Amplifier.png


Item Buff/Debuff Effect Duration/Cooldown Source
SafeBottle.png Safe Bottle Cross.png / Potion Sickness.png Allows you to collect hearts in the bottle and use them later to restore health Cross.png / Depends on amount of hearts Spirit.png
PhosphorousLamp.png Phosphorous Lamp Cross.png Can produce light while carried in the inventory Charging during daytime Chest at the Stranded ship
MoltenRing.png/CooledRing.png Molten/Cooled Ring Inferno.png / Cross.png Creates a ring of fire around you

You must charge it near the lava for later use / You need to charge it near lava to use again

15 min. / Cross.png Fire Imp.png
DisregardingForDummies.png 'Disregarding for Dummies' Cross.png Use to prevent the drop of elements from slain monsters

Use again to cancel the effect

Cross.png Sold by Librarian.png
MoonToken.png Moon Token Cross.png Changes the phases of the Moon Cross.png 3 TulaniteBar.png + 3 Zircon.png + 600 ElementOfDarkness.png at DemonAltar.png/CrimsonAltar.png
VamplifiedRing.png Vamplified Ring BuffWithering.png / DeBuffMagicLockout.png Temporarily allows a melee weapons to absorb enemies health 3 min. / 5 min. 30 sec. 10 BloodstoneBar.png + 10 Demonite Bar.png + 10 Hellstone Bar.png + 300 ElementOfDarkness.png + 300 ElementOfAncient.png + 3 Tourmaline.png at DemonAltar.png/CrimsonAltar.png