Type Element
Max stack 999
Rare Rarity color 2.png

Elements are the type of materials added by the Split. They are needed for a lot of crafts in mod. There are twelve different elements in total. You can obtain them by killing bosses or some rare enemies. Also you can give a few items to Genoshi to get some of the elements.

Every boss will drop 10 times less amount of elements, after its first defeat.


Element Availability Obtained from (Amount)
ElementOfDeath.png Element of Death Always available The Groom.png The Bride.png Doctor Bones.png Nymph.png Tim.png (5)

Rainbow Slime.gif (25)

Eye of Cthulhu.png (80-120)

Skeletron Head.png (175-225)

ElementOfDarkness.png Element of Darkness Always available Nymph.png Tim.png (5)

Mimic.png Ice Mimic.png Corruption Pigron.png Crimson Pigron.png Dark Mage.png Ogre.png (10)

Colossus.png (8-12)

Goblin Summoner.png (15)

Rainbow Slime.gif Rune Wizard.png Paladin.png Corrupt Mimic.png Crimson Mimic.png (25)

King Slime.png (70-90)

Eye of Cthulhu.png (80-120)

Eater of Worlds.png Brain of Cthulhu.png (140-160)

Skeletron Head.png (175-225)

Betsy.png (190-210)

Wall of Flesh Mouth.png (270-330)

ElementOfWater.png Element of Water Always available Shark.png (3)

Angry Nimbus.png (6)

Crabcannon.png (15)

Rainbow Slime.gif (25)

Spirit.png (80-100)

Duke Fishron.png (270-330)

ElementOfFire.png Element of Fire Always available Voodoo Demon.png (3)

Red Devil.png (15)

Rainbow Slime.gif (25)

Spirit.png (80-100)

ElementOfEarth.png Element of Earth Spirit is defeated Moth.png (10)

Rainbow Slime.gif (25)

Spirit.png (80-100)

Queen Bee.png (140-160)

ElementOfAncient.png Element of Ancient One-shot is defeated Ice Mimic.png (10)

Ice Golem.png Rainbow Slime.gif Sand Elemental.png (25)

Smallshot.png (250)

ElementOfLight.png Element of Light During hardmode Hallow Pigron.png (10)

Rune Wizard.png Rainbow Slime.gif Hallowed Mimic.png (25)

Wall of Flesh Mouth.png (270-330)

ElementOfLife.png Element of Life Mechanical Boss is defeated The Twins.png The Destroyer.png Skeletron Prime.png (90-110)

Golem.png (140-160)

Plantera.png (190-210)

ElementOfPain.png Element of Pain Hardmode invasions Eyezor.png (10)

Mourning Wood.png Everscream.png Santa-NK1.png Nailhead.png Flying Dutchman.png (25)

Pumpking.png Ice Queen.png Mothron.png (40)

Martian Saucer.png (50)

ElementOfMind.png Element of Mind Lunatic Cultist is defeated Solar Pillar.png Vortex Pillar.png Nebula Pillar.png Stardust Pillar.png (25)

Lunatic Cultist.png (40)

ElementOfSpace.png Element of Space Moon Lord is defeated Moon Lord.png (90-110)

Exchange with Genoshi

Cost Received element
Light Shard.png Light Shard 100 ElementOfLight.png Element of Light
Dark Shard.png Dark Shard 100 ElementOfDarkness.png Element of Darkness
CharmOfAnger.png Charm of Anger 100 ElementOfAncient.png Element of Ancient

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