Enemy drops


Material Availability Obtained from Amount
SharpNail.png Sharpened Nail Always available Troll.png ShadowCaster.png 5-15


Zircon.png Blue Zircon Always available Underground Snow biome enemies 1
BurningCoal.png Burning Coal Always available CaveImp.png Sentinel.png 1-2


Ether.png Ether Always available RebelliousSpirit.png 1-3, 50%
Tourmaline.png Tourmaline

Agate.png Agate

Jade.png Jade

Always available Colossus.png 1
Bloodstone.png Bloodstone Always available Bloodmoon enemies 1-3
SkullHeart.png SkullHeart Upon defeating Spirit Spirit.png 1
MoonDust.png Moon Dust Always available Witness.png 1
PieceOfGlass.png Piece of Glass Always available HeadlessPirate.png FacelessPirate.png 1
CrabShell.png Crab Shell Always available Crabcannon.png 1
WildPetal.png Wild Petal Always available Sarracenia.png 1-4, 50%
TulaniteOre.png Tulanite Ore Upon defeating Skeletron Skeletron Head.png 60-90


Material Availability Obtained from Amount
GreenAlloy.png Green Alloy Wall of Flesh is defeated Skeleton Archer.png 1
BlueAlloy.png Blue Alloy Wall of Flesh is defeated Armored Skeleton.png 1
BlackAlloy.png Black Alloy First Mechanical Boss is defeated Darknut.png 1-3, 50%



Material Availability Obtained from Amount
BloodstoneBar.png Bloodstone Bar Always available 3 Bloodstone.png at SeefeldsForge.png 1
TulaniteBar.png Tulanite Bar Upon defeating Skeletron 3 TulaniteOre.png at DemonAltar.png/CrimsonAltar.png or can be found in dungeon chests 1




Material Availability Obtained from Amount
BottleOfGlue.png Bottle of glue Always available 1 Bottled Water.png + 5 Gel.png at Bottle.png 1
RepairedShoe.png Repaired Shoe Always available 1 Old Shoe.png + 1 BottleOfGlue.png + 3 SharpNail.png at Heavy Work Bench.png 1
PoorUnfortunateSoul.png Poor Unfortunate Soul Always available By catching FunkySoul.png with a Bug Net.png 1
BlankRing.png Empty Mirror Always available 3 Gold Bar.png + 3 Silver Bar.png + 1

Mana Crystal.png + 3 PieceOfGlass.png at IronAnvil.png/LeadAnvil.png


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