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Fire Salts
Fire Salts.png
Type Weapon/Tool - Throwing
Damage(?) 17 Damagetype throwing.png
Knockback Very weak
Autoreuse Cross.png
Max stack 999
Rare Rarity color 3.png
Tooltip Allows you to unfreeze different things.
Sell 55 Copper coin.png

Fire Salts is a tool, the main purpose of which is to melt ice objects.

Deals throwing damage and can be used as throwing weapon (salt passes through enemies and ignites them, causing decent damage), but it's not advisable because of the rather costly craft recipe.


Fire Salts
Craft Station
Ingredient(s) Amount
BurningCoal.png Burning Coal 1
MoonDust.png Moon Dust 3
Fire Salts.png Fire Salts 15