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Stranded ship — minibiome that was added in 0.2 alpha version of the mod. It represents a large structure in a shape of a big frozen ship.

This structure is generated upon world's creation ("Hiding of the great secret" message will appear).

Question mark will point at biome's location when Spirit is defeated for the first time.


Ship is a structure that was built from Frostbite Wood. You can find here different kinds of furniture (paintings, bookshelves, chairs and tables), gems, pots, coins and chests with special items in them, which can be found only there.

Also there is Ice cubes placed on board. To melt them you'll need to find Fire Salts. First cube contains Life Stone, second one — safe with Librarian NPC inside of it, and the third one One-shot boss.



Chest items


  • Ice cube will restore after player's death. When you beat One-shot for the first time you will be able to make Snow Beacon.
  • Real name of the ship is Thunderer as you can see by looking at the painting with the same name.
  • Librarian will talk about events to you more before the shipwreck:
    • Librarian is the only one who survived and he did not lose his mind from the whole crew.
    • Librarian was locked in a safe by One-shot, who wanted to save important books and blueprints.
    • One-shot was captain of the ship. He often did experiments but never talked about any of the details to the crew.